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You taught my heart, a sense I never knew I had [entries|friends|calendar]

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check out this My Space [24 Feb 2006|09:22pm]
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i hate moving [20 Nov 2005|12:40pm]
its gonna be great when we get there but as for now it sucks. its gonna be the weekend after thanksgiving so we have more time to move. i cant wait to get out of this boring ass town though.

wake up nicky. i love your face. its sunday and there is nothing to do.
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i hate it [31 Oct 2005|07:54am]
Its so hard to sleep right now this sucks. I wake up every hour or so because of sad dreams and thoughts. I wish she knew how relationships worked so this never would have happened. All she had to do was meet me half way. I shouldnt have to break up with her to make her want to see me. Its hard to sleep with a knife stuck in your heart but i know no other way. treat others the way you want to be treated right?

i miss you
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Hey READ ME!! [22 Oct 2005|11:55am]
The party will consist of a keg. It is five dollars to drink off the keg however if you were an "80's" costume drinks are only 3 dollars.

29th dont forget to tell your friends!!!
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hey all you fuckers!!!! [11 Oct 2005|12:29am]
80's themed halloween party same place that Nicholes birthday was. Make sure to wear a costume or you might be the only person not dressed up...
any questions call 422-8346

by the way this takes place the 29th on a saturday

its in between robert t and davison off center on pitkin 2 houses before

tell all your friends

dont forget your stonewashed pants and your jean jackets
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Just when you thought it couldnt get any better they are! [07 Oct 2005|05:57pm]
i love nicky! happy now? ok thank you
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Nobody ever reads this so there is no point in writing [02 Oct 2005|06:04pm]
Finally getting out of the most drama filled city known to man. Ill miss a lot of people around here but we will visit frequently. I luv you baby squirrelfriend. Thank you for being there 4 me. i heart you.
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i can update my journal! [11 Sep 2005|06:12pm]
My computer blows. It only works when it wants to. This weekend was lots of fun. I dont remember most of it. All I know is I have a huge headache. If you cut me open I would bleed beer. Cant wait to get out of this gay ass city.
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Hey Lil Wang [07 Jul 2005|09:36pm]
Im not sure if you would remember this but a while back, when it was just you and I, I think I told you a little somethin somethin about nichole...
think hard I know you will remember, I believe it was something along the lines "Nichole is by far the best kisser i have ever had", oh thats right that was exactly what i said. Would I lie to you Mike. Would I have any reason to. Sorry but I had to lie to someone else to spare her feelings but deep down inside You, Nic, and I know the truth. I think I may have even told you about how I used to drive around and listen to a song written by Dashboard Confessionals, Standard Lines. There was a certain part i loved in the song because it reminded me of this beautiful girl that I am happily with. heres a little part of that song thats i loved the most, "Your taste still lingers on my lips, like i just placed them upon yours and I starve, I starve for you". Yup we remember and why, oh thats right because we talked about it all the time.
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its the pattern on the pants! Its the pleets. [07 Jul 2005|09:12pm]
4th of july was fucking great. me and my lovely girlfriend nic went to Alpena, Charlevoix, Torch lake, and Traverse City for the cherry festival and fireworks. It was lots of driving but it was never boring. I seem to never be bored anymore. its weird its like theres nothing holding me back anymore. im moving forward in my job (50,000 per year), i have fun no matter what im doing, and theres not some strange deep voice constantly bitching in my ear. Hawaii is also coming soon my cousin lives there and now i can afford to take me and nichole. I cant wait!

For all to know we will be moving in a couple months, end of august, i am being promoted at my job and we are going to auburn hills. we will be living in a sweet apartment around a bunch of college kids and would enjoy having frequent visits from all our friends. I will contact all those i know how to give directions. anyone else call me. the apartment is awesome. it has an outdoor tennis court, sand volleyball court, and pool/hottub with cascading waterfall. it also has billiards room and gym with both men and womens lockerrooms. its gonna be fucking sweet. finally get to move out of this shithole.

hey anyone whos anyone...
your all invited to our first annual nicky birthday bash.

where- our place dipshit
when- july 23rd, for those who dont know its saturday.
what- 5 dolla cover keg for all!!!!

everyone must bring at least $100 in gifts for nic!!! J/K

any questions give me holla
cell# (810)422-8346
serious inquirys only!!!
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join us in creating excitement [12 Jun 2005|09:00pm]
we got juice, we got juice, whoaaaaaaaa we got juice so get fired up JUICE!!!
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hott!!!! [04 Jun 2005|05:30pm]
hey baby, your gonna read this soon but i just wanted you to know that i appreciate you being you. We are gonna have the best summer ever. i love every minute of it. i feel like its time to pull out the stitches this heart is finally healed. dont ever for get the drive in roof and the u haul.

(the best ones ever)
Steve O
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i miss your eyes! [23 May 2005|03:10pm]
im in a library typing this. im supposed to be working but i already made $300 today so i decided i wanted to see if this hot chick nichole responed to my question. All three of you are covered for alkaline its my treat. I miss hangin out with you guys. i had a lot of fun gettin wasted playin video games. everything reminds me of you. hope to see you all soon.
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The world keeps turning [13 May 2005|02:40pm]
It took me five years to free me of this lie i was placed in. I dont know why i didnt see it. i had frequent dreams about this happening and it finally did exactly how it did in my dream. Maybe i knew deep down this was happening but didnt believe myself. Its funny because i lied to myself by believing a liar. I need to trust myself from now on! This is my new name on here so feel free to talk to me. My life has just started i cant wait to live my life again.
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